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The Stripe for NFTs: One-Stop & Simple NFT Infrastructure & APIs for Developers

Bring your NFT application to market in hours instead of months. We take care of the NFT infrastructure so you can focus on your application. Built by developers, for developers.

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The Stripe for NFTs: One-Stop & Simple NFT Infrastructure & APIs for Developers

Bring your NFT application to market in hours instead of months. We take care of the NFT infrastructure so you can focus on your application. Built by developers, for developers.

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NFTs collection
NFTs collection
NFTs collection

Trusted by over 30,000 Web2 & Web3 developers

Developing Blockchain and NFT Applications is Hard, Time-Consuming and Expensive

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Blockchain stack is complex

Grasping Solidity, Web3.js, GraphQL, nodes, IPFS, etc. is hard, time-consuming and usually needs a team to cover all of the skills.
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NFT infra is hard to manage & expensive

Teams waste 25-50% of engineering resources managing nodes, developing indexers, etc. as they try to reinvent the wheel.
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Slow go-to-market is the biggest risk

Using heavily rate-limited, slow and incomplete APIs slow you down in an extremely competitive market, leading to losing users and revenue.

Stripe-Quality NFT APIs which Enable You to Focus on Your Product and Ship in Hours

Mint NFTs at scale and reliably from your product without having to manage the complexity of blockchain

No previous blockchain experience needed - easily integrate with your product in minutes

Mint NFTs at scale - 10% of all NFTs minted on Polygon have been minted through us

Pre-mint NFTs programmatically so you can build a great product also for Web2 users without the complexity of wallets, gas fees, etc.

Fully manage your NFTs with tracking, update, burn and transfer functionality

Environmentally friendly w/Polygon & Solana

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// Turn anything into an NFT with a single API callcurl --request POST \--url https://api.nftport.xyz/v0/mints/easy/urls\--header 'Authorization: Your API Key' \--data'{ ¬† "chain": "ethereum", ¬† "name": "Space Shipping‚ÄĚ, ¬† "description" "Spaceship on Mars", ¬† "file_url": "https://ipfs.io/ipfs", ¬† "mint_to_address": "0x5FDd0881Ef28" ¬† }'

Deploy, manage & monetize your fully owned contracts - build anything from collections to large-scale products

Build NFT collections, drops, token gating, marketplaces, DAOs, creator tools, play-to-earn games, community rewards, etc.

Rich functionality: metadata customization, whitelists, pre-sale, dynamic pricing, etc.

Compatible with OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, etc. and full support for royalty management to monetize your NFTs

User management with granular roles so you can control who has access from your team

Secure contracts you own and full data portability with the ability to exit NFTPort API

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# Deploy a contractcurl --request POST \--url https://api.nftport.xyz/v0/contracts\--header 'Authorization: Your API Key' \--data '{   "chain": "ethereum",   "name": "CRYPTOPUNKS"   "symbol": "C"   "owner_address" "Add your owner address here",   "metadata_updatable": true,   "type": "erc721"}'

Bring highest quality NFT data from multiple chains to your product effortlessly

All the NFT data you need at your finger tips - tokens, contracts, metadata, ownership info, transactions & floor prices

We cache NFT metadata and assets so your product is fast and has a great user experience

Automatically refreshing metadata so your NFTs are up-to-date

Highest quality data and chain coverage compared to other providers, with top collections being manually verified

Scale as much as you need as our data API has 99.99% uptime and throughput you need

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# Get all NFTs from a contract/collectioncurl --request GET \--url https://api.nftport.xyz/v0/nfts/0xbc4ca0eda 7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d?chain=ethereum&include=metadata--header 'Authorization: Your API Key'

Build rich NFT apps with out of the box search, recommendation engine & counterfeit detection

Integrate multi-chain NFT search and deliver relevant NFTs to your users

Provide NFT recommendations to your users and increase revenue, just like Amazon & Netflix

Protect your users and increase customer trust with AI-enabled counterfeit NFT detection

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# Find counterfeit NFTs based on input NFTcurl --request POST \--url https://api.nftport.xyz/v0/duplicates/tokens--header 'Authorization: Your API Key' \--data'{   "chain": "ethereum",   "contract_address": "Contract address of NFT to search",   "token_id": "Token ID of the NFT",}'

Enabling hundreds of NFT (d)apps, products and companies across different industries

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Built by a Team of ex-NATO, Nvidia & Amazon
Backed by the Co-Founders of Polygon, Skype & Wise

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NFTPort is quickly becoming a key enabler for the next stage of NFT adoption. Having an experienced, mission-driven and customer-obsessed team, their infrastructure allows developers to build and ship NFT-based applications fast ‚ÄĒ something the NFT community needs in order for the whole market to grow. Their long-term vision of a new data layer for the Internet as an open protocol could possibly shift the balance of power from data monopolies towards the sovereignty of individuals.

Jaynti Kanani
CEO & Co-Founder of Polygon

Our Mission is to Empower Developers to Break up Today's Data Monopolies and Make the Internet Ownable by Citizens

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