Our Mission is to Empower Developers to Break up Today's Data Monopolies and Make the Internet Ownable by Citizens

The Reason Why NFTPort Exists - the New Data Layer for the Internet as an Open Protocol

Although NFTs have found adoption only recently, the concept itself has a rich history going back over 40 years. In 1980's before WWW, Tim Berners-Lee tried to implement a standard similar to today's NFT's which could later be part of the WWW. He did so again in the 2000s by advocating for the concept of linked data (i.e. the Semantic Web). These efforts were unfortunately not successful due to their sheer technical complexity and non-adoption by the industry. Instead, the biggest beneficiaries of Web2 became today's data monopolies and the surveillance capitalism.

We thus believe that NFTs are short-term overvalued and long-term undervalued because the true opportunity lies in its ability to break up today's data monopolies by reimagining the existing Web2 personal data model to a peer-to-peer one where citizens own today's most precious currency - their personal data. Tim Berners-Lee dreamt of an open data layer for the Internet and finally its promise is coming to life through NFTs. Our vision is to enable this by becoming the new data layer for the Internet as an open protocol.

About Us & Leadership Team

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, NFTPort provides one-stop, simple and developer-friendly NFT infrastructure & APIs for developers e.g. Stripe for NFTs. The company was founded by ex-NATO AI and cybersecurity experts and is funded by world-class investors such as Jaan Tallinn (Co-Founder of Skype, early investor of DeepMind), Taavet Hinrikus (Co-Founder of Wise) and Jaynti Kanani (Co-Founder of Polygon).

Johannes Tammekänd
Johannes Tammekänd
CEO & Co-Founder

Ex-NATO. Before NFTPort, he made an exit with Payload-Security to CrowdStrike and founded two AI-based startups. His blockchain experience spans back to 2014 while researching the security model of Tor and Bitcoin for NATO.

Kaspar Peterson profile
Kaspar Peterson
Technical Co-Founder

Previously built data infrastructure and architected AI-based deepfake detection in Sentinel as the CTO. He was the first software architect of Monese - a fintech that has raised over $170 million.

Taivo Pungas
Co-Founder & VP of Product

A former AI and product leader at Veriff, an identity verification unicorn where he scaled up the data team and AI infrastructure from zero. Before that, he built self-driving robots in Starship.

Rain Johanson
Co-Founder & CTO

Previously CTO of Bolt, where he built and led the engineering org from scratch to three hundred people across Europe and outcompeted Uber. Only Estonian to be part of building 3 unicorns (Skype, Wise & Bolt).

Sten Tamkivi
Protocol Co-Founder

Co-founded Teleport with Balaji Srinivasan (acquired by Topia in 2017) as an EIR at Andreessen Horowitz, after serving at Skype as an early executive for over 8 years from startup to the $8.5B exit to MSFT

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