Highest-quality NFT data at your fingertips with one API – in 60 seconds

Building your NFT product just became a breeze as you can aggregate all the NFT data from OpenSea and similar marketplaces into your product in just 60 seconds. We have the nr. 1 data quality on the market – all so you can delight your users.

All the major chains supported:

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Devs, we know the pains you face when building data-rich NFT products

The chains or type of NFT data you need for your product are not covered

Broken or incomplete NFT data leads to loss of trust by your product users

Building everything in-house is too slow and eats up your core engineering resources

To understand all the APIs means you’d have to have a PhD in blockchains

Highest quality NFT data from Polygon & Ethereum

Get reliable NFT data – assets, metadata, transactions, ownership info, sales stats, and more

We are live-indexing the chains to deliver the most up-to-date data, with top collections being manually verified

Highest chain coverage compared to other providers

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Instantly accessible cached metadata & assets

No need to request assets and metadata from IPFS and then wait for them to load in your product

We cache all NFT metadata and assets so you can instantly access them directly from NFTPort

Show NFT images, audio / video files, animations etc. in your product without any lag

Full transaction history of NFTs, accounts, contracts

Track previous mints, burns, transfers, buys, sells, listings, and more

Build your own NFT marketplaces, portfolio trackers, analytics platforms, etc. with all the necessary transaction information

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Latest NFT sales statistics & prices with historic data

Get all sales volume, total supply, total mints, floor price, etc of a collection

Compatible with all the main marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Looksrare, etc.

Build your own marketplace or NFT analytics tools with all the necessary data

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Up-to-date list of NFTs owned by wallet

See all historic and current owners of an NFT, as well as all NFTs created and owned by a wallet address

Use this to token-gate your content – show users their wallet contents by getting a wallet’s NFT balance with a single API call

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99.9% uptime

Scale your product as much as you need – our data API has consistently at least 99.9% uptime and all the throughput you need.

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Why 30k+ developers choose NFTPort

Reliable NFT data from Ethereum & Polygon

Auto-refreshing metadata and cached assets

Rich functionality: add metadata customization, whitelists, and more

Compatible with OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, etc.

25,000 NFT data requests/month for free









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Bring highest quality NFT data to your product

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