Road to Web3 Hackathon: 25 teams built their first NFT app with NFTPort

Road to Web3 Hackathon: 25 teams built their first NFT app with NFTPort

CEO and co-founder of NFTPort

In the beginning of February, we partnered up with Polygon and ETHGlobal for the Road to Web3 hackathon, inviting developers that are new to blockchain to create their first decentralized applications.

Making NFT development accessible to people without prior Web3 knowledge is a big part of our mission at NFTPort. To show how to build your own NFT dapp with ease and in just a few hours, Taivo Pungas, our VP of Product gave a great webinar as part of the event. 👇

25 projects were built with NFTPort and got their share from the $250K prize pool — congratulations to all and welcome to the world of Web3!

Check out below for more info on the projects built with NFTPort. 💪

🔌 RareKart

RareKart aims to integrate all e-commerce platforms into the world of Web3.

Starting with a Shopify plugin, RareKart lets you connect your wallets, get exclusive discounts if you’re an NFT holder and resell your NFTs on the marketplace. It uses NFTPort to create and mint the NFT collections via our APIs to enable merchants to launch multiple rare NFT collections in the future.

🆔 wgmi.id

Create one unified ID to showcase your Web2 and Web3 identity across multiple chains and platforms.

Wgmi.id is a promising project tapping into the growing demand for a cross-chain, interweb link-in-bio showcase of identity. The platform uses NFTPort to mint the proof-of-ownership tokens for the user’s wgmi.ID address and information on the Polygon network.

🌐 Transparent NFTs v2

A multi-chain interface explorer to make NFTs available to people with disabilities

This project brings more transparency and accessibility to Web3 by building a multi-chain explorer accessible to everyone. While it uses NFTPort to scan NFTs, it aims to push for more adoption to help generate accessible descriptions for NFTs on multiple chains in the future.

🎮 Rill

A play-to-earn platform bringing the competition of e-sport tournaments to Web3.

Sports fans are going to love this platform! Rill aims to reward all players and teams with NFT badges minted with the help of NFTPort, after every win, round, or even after completing quests in different games.

📄 Polysign

Polysign is an e-signature collection platform backed by IPFS and Polygon.

It enables anyone to create their e-signature and get their documents e-signed without a vendor agreement. When the documents are signed, an NFT is generated with the help of NFTPort. The platform also allows you to view the history of all your signatures.

🎨 DAOVinci

NFT art focused DAO empowering artists to showcase true art around the world.

DaoVinci aims to bring the real value and beauty of art to Web3. Anyone can mint their vote and get votes from other artists on the platform. A fair revenue split is allocated for the artists while having more incentives to showcase quality artwork on their platform. They use the NFTPort API to mint NFTs and upload the metadata to IPFS. Check them out!

The list doesn’t end here! 👀 There were many more projects that used NFTPort to mint NFTs and fetch multi-chain data with our APIs:

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