30+ NFT-based projects built with NFTPort at HackFS Hackathon

30+ NFT-based projects built with NFTPort at HackFS Hackathon

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In July 2022, over 500 hackers participated in HackFS – a hackathon focused on building the foundation for a digital world that is censorship-resistant, decentralized, and trustless. The hackathon was organised by ETHGlobal together with Protocol Labs, and supported by many partners across the Ethereum and Filecoin ecosystems to ensure that hackers have a wide variety of composable technologies to use to build their hacks.

Making NFT development accessible to developers new to Web3 is a big part of our mission at NFTPort. That’s why we’re continuously working with ETHGlobal and other partners to foster innovation in the NFT community by sponsoring hackathons and help devs around the world to bring their NFT ideas to life. Over 30 projects were built with NFTPort at HackFS, from NFT collections to DAOs to NFT tokengating extensions, and beyond.

Check them out below 😎

Projects built with NFTPort at HackFS


A developer tool to enable tabulation, computation, visualization, data management for developers to build solutions for the bottom of pyramid in the areas of healthcare using a variety of key blockchain protocols and solutions.

People NFT Collection

‘People’ is an NFT Collection of 15 NFTs including vibrant avatars of people in different ages, races and origins. Some of the avatars are inspired by world-famous stars such as Steve Jobs, Will Smith etc. 

This collection was made with NFTPort minting APIs to deploy contract, mint NFT, upload metadata, upload to IPFS, and deploy on Polygon.


An investment DAO solution with multichain fundraising, NFT to ERC-20 conversion, gasless voting and vault creation.


Sawti is your gateway to host your audio files in the blockchain, and turn those audios into NFTs. Instead of having the user to go through the process of creating art for their audio files, all art is auto-generated using Deepai text-to-image API calls depending on the content of the files. 

This project was made with NFTPort and IPFS. IPFS is used to store the audio files, which are then turned into NFTs using NFTPort.


A Chrome extension that enables easy and secure chatting across websites. Noir is also a social network in the sense that users can mint NFTs for websites they choose, providing easier and more personalized contact between anonymous Ethereum accounts.

Playground: Unity3D NFT Gallery Template

Playground is an advanced Unity 3D NFT gallery starter template for game devs. It provides a Unity3D Engine Template for developers as a starter base to create NFT galleries in games and metaverses. It is made with Unity and built on top of NFTPort's Unity SDK, also featuring metaverse -eady avatars from Ready Player Me . It leverages IPFS gateways for fetching NFT Assets into Unity alongside NFTPort API's with cached data and for cross-chain compatibility including Ethereum, Polygon, Rinkeby and more.

Mint My Files

Mint My Files is a data storage and an NFT Manager tool for the WEBS (aquametaverse.org ecosystem and the Public). It allows you to add metadata to any files (audio, music, movies, documents, legal documents, identities), then record the files to IPFS and build smart contracts using a visual, easy-to-use interface.

Mint My Files is supporting easy minting on Polygon and Ethereum with NFTPort. It uses servers for additional data storage on Green Datacenters that are running on water and solar-generated electricity.

Employement Reference

Employment Reference is a dApp that allows employers and employees track their professional references, ratings, and job history all in one place. It brings transparency and accountability to all partners.

It uses NFTPort to reward and recognize the hard work of employees' performance by providing NFT to employees without transaction fees.


Entropic is a utility NFT platform enabling crypto collectibles to become actionable. NFTs can be combined and linked to utilities like tickets, coupons, giveaways, and much more.

Entropic is built with NFTPort APIs to deploy custom contracts, fetch pre-deployed contracts, mint NFTs on deployed contracts, and get all NFTs owned by a particular account.

NFT Console

An NFT portfolio and data analytics application, that help to understand NFT marketplace's,collections, tokens , wallet analytics and wallet summary token minting. That support ethereum and polygon blockchain's.


Music3 is a free web3 song storage and sharing platform that lets you store songs on decentralized storage and mint music as NFTs on Polygon that you can store straight into your wallet.

Music3 is built with the help of technologies like IPFS, NFT.storage, and NFTPort which was used for NFT data fetching, Customizable minting, and contract deployment.


A Social Identity manager for anonymous Web3 public addresses.

FS Announce

A protocol that enables private encrypted messages to all NFT holders.


Dyve is an NFTFi Primitive that allows users to safely lend, rent, and short NFTs. It makes the end-to-end process of lending, rentind and shorting NFTs easy & safe, providing a perfect solution for a complex market need. 

It uses NFTPort’s counterfeit NFT detection to make sure all listed NFTs are real, not duplicates. 


Zinder is a platform to match nomads through POAPs. Find ethereum vagabunds and message through XMTP based on mutual POAPs.

This project uses POAPs smart contracts and APIs for the initial user data, and NFTPort to find out how many NFTs your match has.


DesignProposal is a new easy way for DAOs to design proposals by vote before submitting for DAO wide acceptance. This project is about helping DAOs get their proposals right with community involvement.

Tableland Deals Protocol

Tableland Deals Protocol is an extension to Tableland that allows the execution of compound operations that require write access from multiple parties. 


Brace NFT is an event minting solution, a winning event-type solution that selectively mints after participation.

Trail Conservation

A decentralized hiking trail data discovery.

DeGa - Decentralised Gallery

A decentralised photo gallery for NFT communities. It allows members of the same collection to share photos with each other after an event. 


An all-in-one crypto rewards & incentives platform that scale with your business.


A multi-purpose web dApp builder platform with composable modules, similar to “legos”, that users drag and drop into a canvas for a  WYSIWYG experience. These modules are composable and interoperable meaning they can talk to each other.


A decentralized, public orderbook for NFT marketplaces. Place bids/list NFTs without relying on the web2 infrastructure of isolated NFT marketplaces.


A DeSoC of Professionals. It is bridging the gap between organizations and skilled people in web3. You can think of it as a decentralized society of professionals, who can interact with each other in a decentralized manner.

Book Swap Dapp

Trade in your books, notes, labs and more via the largest online decentralized book swapping community in the world.


A marketplace that allows users to mint nfts, create profiles, cross swap tokens and list nfts for other nfts and/or tokens.

Plants And Pillars

A decentralized organization that aims to encourage people to plant more trees and make Earth a better place to live in. We aim to build a community of enthusiasts who'll help us achieve our goal of planting 1 million trees through this project.


NeuralNFTs is civing the sixth sense to NFTs by creating an ML model marketplace with some NFT analyticsg


Salespage is a Point of Sale platform built on Polygon and IPFS designed for restaurants and retail.


Slise is an NFT mint list analytics tool for web3 creators. We help creators to understand their audience, find opportunities for collaborations, predict sell-out, and make data-driven decisions, giving them full control over the collection launch.


A digital community based advertising for online and IRL consumer brands.


BlocEvent is a decentralized event app, where organizers can create, sell event tickets and airdrop poap to attendees 


A decentralized email and web3 platform where you can send encrypted email 


Kezayya is a decentralized file storage and sharing system. This project intends to build a web3 version of google drive or dropbox for file storage and sharing. 


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