25 NFT projects built with NFTPort at ETHIndia Hackathon

25 NFT projects built with NFTPort at ETHIndia Hackathon

ETHIndia (AKA World’s biggest Ethereum hackathon is over now. From Dec 2nd to Dec 4th, 2022, 1500+ builders and 30+ speakers gathered in Bengaluru to build fantastic content. During the event, there have been 28 workshops covering multiple topics where NFTs were an important one. The participants could win up to $350,000 in prizes.

25 projects made during ETHIndia were built with NFTPort – and we listed them here for you  🗒️

Projects built with NFTPort at ETHIndia

It’s amazing to see innovative NFT projects being built in just a few days with the help of NFTPort. If you’re looking to build your own, grab your free API key, join our NFT dev community on Discord, and start building 💪🏽

🚀 To the moon!  🚀


BankiFi is a decentralized platform that can be used to match borrower-lender, for lenders to earn fixed APY, and for borrowers to open a current position with USDC-WETH pair at 2x leverage.

How are they using NFTPort?

The core of their protocol is the NFT which is the proof of position being opened between lender and borrower. They have integrated the NFT port to

  1. deploy the NFT contract,
  2. mint NFT tokens, whenever a match between borrower and lender happens.


Cross-chain gaming contains dynamic 998 NFT's which change with each chain's culture. It is similiar to Pokémon Go but it includes PVP and other interesting mechanisms.

How are they using NFTPort?

They have used NFT Port to fetch their Cross-chain gaming containing dynamic 998 NFTs and display them using their NFT support.

GivETH - Decentralizing a better world

Empowering individuals to make a lasting impact on the world, one block at a time.

How are they using NFTPort?

NFTPort allows them to Deploy Contracts, Get Contract Addresses, Upload Assets to IPFS, add NFT Metadata to IPFS, Mint NFTs, and get Token Addresses in order to reward volunteers for the work they do which takes into account their volunteering vertical, time spent etc.


Ethereum cross-chain metaverse.

How are they using NFTPort?

All NFTs are being fetched using NFTPort API.


PlayAstra is a Decentralized Community Governed Quiz and Knowledge Platform

How are they using NFTPort?

They use NFTPort to display all NFTs rewarded for winning quizzes and leaderboard display.


Let us handle your next event using the power of web3 and blockchain.

How are they using NFTPort?

Each event is considered an NFT.  Each NFT is minted using the NFTPort API. The image is uploaded on IPFS using the NFTPort API.


Reimagine events via E2E Event Management, offering pre-during-post event souls. With NFT-based ticket issuance, chain attendance, IRL physical mgmt system, unique ways of networking, and memories!

How are they using NFTPort?

They use NFTPort to mint NFTs and gather information about them.


Meet3Club is a video/voice chat platform that connects people randomly and is made using Huddle01.

How are they using NFTPort?

Fetching User’s NFTs and Assets using NFT Port

Judge On Chain

A Decentralized judicial system with a help option that directly sends notifications.

How are they using NFTPort?

They used NFT Port to create an NFT using the case data Video Demo


Storemate helps you to prevent losing your IPFS data thereby preserving the on chain assets built on it

How are they using NFTPort?

They use NFTPort to get aggregate NFT data for a single user.


Kahoot! on Web3

How are they using NFTPort?

NFTPORT is used to deploy the participant NFT Smart Contract.


Complete this 12-step guide to start your Web3 journey!

How are they using NFTPort?

Their project uses NFTs for the users and they use NFTPort for that.


A web3-ecommerce platform focused on implementing Proof Of Personhood and minting/issuing a NFT anytime they buy a product aliasing actual world delivery and using WorldCoin for incentivizing users.

How are they using NFTPort?

Posted images and respective metadata to IPFS, minting and fetching and displaying all the afore mentioned data back


A DeFi-powered ecosystem for fans to get exclusive access to their favorite songs and music artists.

How are they using NFTPort?

The Iron and Bronze Tiers on Finesse allows users to mint special NFTs (a personalized artist NFT for the Iron Tier and an NFT concert ticket for the Bronze tier). They have used BannerBear to generate dynamic images and then used the NFTPort API to conveniently mint them at no cost to the users.

Whisper Chain

Whisper Chain is a fun social experiment. This is our take on the famous game of Chinese whispers or telephone.

How are they using NFTPort?

Upload of metadata to IPFS is implemented using NFTPort.


Get Loans Based on your Contribution and Credit Score

How are they using NFTPort?

They use NFTPort to store the certificates of Credit Score on IPFS


Medicine + ETH Unified medicine redemption system, built on the blockchain to now prevent double spending of prescriptions in online pharma.

How are they using NFTPort?

They used our API to bulk mint and bulk burn all the NFTs to the wallets for their project. They even plan to use them to batch our transactions to reduce potential gas in the future.

Yotsuha- Gasless & cross-chain interface

User and developer-friendly NFT bridge. Users can bridge NFT without paying for gas across multiple chains. We enable developers to use multiple messaging protocols with a common interface.

How are they using NFTPort?

They have implemented the ability to use NFTPort to mint the ETHGoerli test net NFT to bridge Users can easily mint bridgeable NFTs with a single click.

Ghar On Chain

Easy Buy, Easy Sell

How are they using NFTPort?

They have used NFTPort for minting NFTs, uploading files to NFTs etc.


A short all in one NFT place which has different usecases.

How are they using NFTPort?

They have used NFTPort to mint the NFTs that which user wants.


A Censorship Resistant - resilient - video sharing platform

How are they using NFTPort?

They have use NFTPort to upload their images and videos to IPFS


No-code NFT Loyalty Program for real-world brands and customers

How are they using NFTPort?

They use NFTPort to deploy NFT contracts for each loyalty campaign and mint NFTs when customers reach the requirement.


JYanco is building the NFT Explorer with GPT-3 (integration using NFTport and Covaland APIs Generates social media content for the NFT Promotion)

How are they using NFTPort?

They're using NFTPort API in their project backend. The backend handles all different types of variations in data and sends the data with pre-determined names to their static client.


One step close to safety, the purpose of this project is to issue marksheets to the students directly without the need of hardcopies and making the process more environmentally friendly as the issuance happens.

How are they using NFTPort?

They used NFT Port API in the application for minting with URL, retrieving minted NFTs, and retrieving owned NFTs


Opensea-like NFT platform for medical health records.

How are they using NFTPort?

They used APIs provided by NFTPort for minting and multi-chain NFT data for storing the patient's medical records.The out-of-the-box NFT search, recommendations, and detecting NFT counterfeits makes it easier to sort patients depending upon a certain criteria and maintain anonymity.

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