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How to achieve financial freedom with NFTs? Meet this family of 5

How to achieve financial freedom with NFTs? Meet this family of 5

CEO and co-founder of NFTPort

NFTPort is all about empowering developers in our community to succeed in building the next generation of NFT projects. We are excited to share the inspirational stories of the creative devs who we have enabled and positively impacted.

Here’s an inspiring story about how NFTPort brought Luc’s family together despite facing difficulties with ADD, ADHD and Autism to create a comic series NFT collection on OpenSea. Currently based in Curacao, a small island in the Caribbean, Luc supports his family by working on freelance projects and has experience working as a web developer for different companies.

Luc shares his experience of how he dived into the NFT space with his family below 👇

Meet the talented members of my family

My family is super creative! All of us bring our unique traits to the world of NFTs. My daughter loves art and enjoys writing and drawing. My son is exceptionally talented when it comes to him using his visual fantasies to create different cartoon characters. My wife is well versed in illustrations, digital art and photography, while my role is to help the family with my tech skills and overall guidance.

Meet Luc's talented kids who brought their visual fantasies to life with the help of NFTs.

The goal is to become financially independent with the help of NFTs

Living life with conditions like ADD, ADHD and Autism hasn’t been easy! We’ve struggled financially to make ends meet for our special needs like extra tutoring, therapy or coaching. However, once I created my first NFT collection called “Where’s The Gold”, and made a few sales, I instantly knew NFTs are going to help us achieve financial independence one day.

How to Create NFTs

After seeing the success of our first collection, we created the Looney Luca collection with my son’s drawings and the Pig Punk collection, which is an ongoing project right now.

Examples of Looney Luca and Pig Punk NFTs.

Since the time I started in the crypto space about five years ago, I’ve been curious about blockchain development. When I discovered smart contracts, like many developers transitioning from Web2 to Web3 space, I had similar questions in my mind like: how can I create NFTs? how can I mint NFTs? how can I mint bulk NFT collections? etc.

I minted bulk NFT collections with NFTPort

When I started looking at materials online, I only found basic tutorials guiding me to create smart contracts and APIs to mint tokens. But when I landed on NFTPort, I realised it was the perfect solution for me. Their documentation walked me through the lazy minting and requesting API calls process in the most seamless manner. With NFTPort, I’ve been able to easily create smart contracts and mint NFTs in bulk on the Polygon network.

We’re all aware that gas prices are high for minting on different networks. However, one of the most important benefits of using NFTPort is that you can start off by not having to pay anything for NFT minting, enhanced API pulls, retrieving NFT data or deploying smart contracts with the free tier or if you are accepted to their community program.

We’re happy with the product and would highly recommend it to anyone starting their journey in the Web3 space!

A sneak peek: Luc and his family are working on a new automated NFT collection.

Keep up to date and find out more about the projects made by the NFT Family for Curaçao here.

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