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Enabling TITLES to improve the discoverability of the NFT space

Enabling TITLES to improve the discoverability of the NFT space

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Here’s the story of how NFTPort enables TITLES – a platform and ecosystem for discovering, remixing, and sharing cryptomedia – to reshape curation in the NFT space. We sat down with TITLES co-founder and CTO Parker Seagren to chat about how he’s building with NFTPort and hear his thoughts on how to make it easier for people to access relevant content on the blockchain.

Starting with a need for better cryptomedia exploration and discovery

Parker started TITLES a few years ago with co-founder Soren Wrenn. After a few pivots in the consumer media space and paying close attention to crypto, they got to what TITLES is today - a new platform and ecosystem to unlock cryptomedia exploration, discovery, and creation.

They started by building a simple interface for seeing what friends, influencers, and communities are doing on Ethereum. While they were excited about the concepts of how cryptomedia represented a huge shift in how creators publish media, interact with audiences and communities, and monetize their work, they realized how increasingly difficult it was to sift through and find the coolest cryptomedia.

General discoverability in the NFT space is really hard. There’s so much interesting art and media flowing through Ethereum and other blockchains, continually evolving and being interacted with in new ways, but it’s really hard to find them on channels like Twitter or Discord which are not purpose-built for this medium.

– Parker Seagren

Today, they make it fun to explore cryptomedia by making it dead simple to find compelling wallets, see what they’re up to, and create custom feeds for exploration — all in beautifully designed iOS experience. Tomorrow, they’re building for a more fluid and dynamic cryptomedia creation ecosystem.

Moving towards an interface for cryptomedia creation

While TITLES is initially focused on building utility in discoverability, they are also looking towards where the space will go next, noting that the interfaces we have to express ourselves with NFTs don't exist yet. Most NFT interfaces today are designed around prices and transactions (e.g. marketplaces), but there isn’t a platform that allows users to easily create their own. Moving forward, TITLES will focus on creative tools for making it easy for people to create and remix that same cryptomedia that TITLES enables them to discover.

At the moment, the way most people are engaging with NFTs is either by simply exploring them or trading them. While this shows a lot of the power around “owned media”, they’re not creating their own. We want to create tools for people to create NFTs that emphasize the social tech they really are.

– Parker Seagren

Using NFTPort’s APIs to pull data & media from the blockchain

In order to do all that, TITLES needs to be able to pull all available data and media from Ethereum. For this, they’re using NFTPort’s multi-chain Data APIs and media caching to display cryptomedia to users in a fast and reliable manner.

Indexing transactions and media is very difficult so being able to abstract some of it away and using NFTPort for caching files has been really helpful for us. It helps us build our product a lot faster as we don’t need to focus so much on the NFT infrastructure ourselves.

– Parker Seagren

“We’re really impressed with the communication from NFTPort”

The wide variety of suitable API endpoints available is what prompted TITLES team to use NFTPort for their platform. They especially liked the NFT search function which enables them to search NFTs using a text query (either by the name or description of an NFT).

We’re also really impressed with the communication with NFTPort. They’re really listening to what we are saying. It’s cool to see how a feature you want and ask about suddenly appears and is ready to use.

– Parker Seagren


TITLES app for iOS will be launched later in 2022. We are excited to power an innovative NFT application like this, and we’re very hyped about their upcoming launch! Sign up for TITLES beta access and get notified of the app release date.

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