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NFT Trader: Running & scaling an NFT trading platform with NFTPort

NFT Trader: Running & scaling an NFT trading platform with NFTPort

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NFTPort is all about empowering developers in our community to succeed in building the next generation of NFT products. Today, we are excited to bring you another inspirational story from our community – meet John Pak and Marco Rosa, co-founders of an NFT trading platform NFT Trader. Read how they built a secure NFT swapping platform and what part NFTPort plays in it.

Filling the gap in the market: the birth of a reliable NFT trading platform

NFTTrader co-founders: Mattia Migliore on the left, John Pak in the middle, Marco Rosa on the right

John and Marco, the founders of NFT Trader, met in a crypto and NFT Discord channel in 2019 where they actively discussed everything going on in the growing crypto and NFT space.

They both had work experience in the gaming industry where buying and selling digital in-game assets is a common phenomenon. That’s where they saw that gamers were looking for ways to trade their in-game assets rather than buying and selling them on centralized marketplaces.

This made them quickly realize that the NFT market was missing a secure platform for swapping NFTs. At that time, more and more NFT marketplaces were popping up for buying and selling non-fungible tokens and collectibles, but there was no secure platform to trade NFTs peer-to-peer.

To fill that gap in the market, they started developing their own NFT trading platform. NFT Trader was founded with a simple mission: to provide a safe platform and community for the interoperable trading of digital assets in the Web3 space.

NFT Trader – swap your digital assets more secure, more social

Scaling the NFT Trader platform with NFTPort

The first release of NFT Trader was back in 2020, long before the PFP boom. In the beginning, they didn’t have any NFT infrastructure backend support – everything was built directly on-chain and they were pulling assets straight from IPFS. This was often slow and cumbersome as IPFS was down a lot of the time and metadata was not up to date or available.

As more people started to see PFP NFTs as a money-making opportunity, the user base of NFT Trader kept growing, and they needed a more robust system to scale their platform with reliable data.

We tried different indexers in the beginning but the quality was really bad and not reliable. When we found NFTPort and saw that NFTPort is powering products like Nifty Gateway and POAP, we decided to give it a try and we haven’t looked back since then.

– John Pak, co-founder of NFT Trader

After some initial testing and seeing that everything worked as expected, the NFT Trader team started using NFTPort as the core indexer of their platform to retrieve collection information, get NFTs and their metadata that the user owns, as well as integrate trading data with their Discord and Twitterbot that shows all assets that are traded on the platform.

NFT TRader Bot
Things got a lot easier when we started using NFTPort indexer for our platform. The NFTPort integration was very smooth and intuitive and that's very important because, since it was well documented, we were able to reduce the development costs, achieving the indexer migration in less than a week. The indexer is stable and the performance has been really good.

– Marco Rosa, co-founder of NFT Trader

Thanks to NFTPort’s APIs and indexer, the NFT Trader team can now add new features pretty easily, which vastly speeds up the process of scaling their product.

Currently, with the help of the NFTPort API, the issues we had before are solved now. Next, we're planning to launch a social marketplace on our platform, in which the users would be able to create and retrieve possible deals in a more secure, social, and interactive way.

– John Pak

About NFT Trader

NFT Trader is a peer-to-peer OTC NFT trading protocol focused on security and community. The multi-chain platform allows people to interoperably swap digital assets more securely and is geared toward a web3 socially focused NFT marketplace.

About NFTPort

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