How over 40 teams built their NFT apps with NFTPort at NFTHack

How over 40 teams built their NFT apps with NFTPort at NFTHack

CEO and co-founder of NFTPort

We are excited to announce the results of the first hackathon of the year, the NFTHack.

We will continue working with ETHGlobal and other partners to foster innovation in the NFT community by sponsoring hackathons throughout 2022 and help devs around the world to bring their NFT ideas to life.

40+ projects built with NFTPort won a share of $125K+ available in various prizes at NFTHack. We are always amazed by the creativity and diversity of the NFT apps built by developers with NFTPort’s infrastructure and APIs: from providing NFT-based event and transport tickets, receipts, invoices to new types of DAOs, music and video streaming solutions and even birthday cards 🎂

You can learn more about how to bring your NFT application to market in hours in this NFTHack session by our CEO Johannes:

And to get more inspiration on the diversity of use-cases that can be enabled by NFTs, see below a list of the awesome projects built with NFTPort.

🔗 Drupal NFT

Create a new Drupal website integrating non-fungible tokens via NFTPort API.

With Drupal NFT you can integrate NFTs as media on your Drupal website! All in one simple step of Copy/Paste the NFT URL of your choice from any common platforms such as Etherscan, OpenSea.io or Rarible.com. You can also mint NFTs from any given Drupal entities 💪

🎨 Flowing

Flowing is a generative art project where users create art using a mouse/cursor.

Remember the days you created art using MS Paint? Now you can create NFT art projects with a few clicks, drag and drop and mint your NFT art easily to sell them on Opensea.

🎫 NFTickets

A public transportation ticketing Dapp that lets you purchase transportation tickets as NFTs.

NFTickets is a promising utility project — you can buy your transportation tickets in a simple 2 step process that creates and mints the tickets you purchase as NFT QR codes.

🎵 ScoreMinter

A decentralized marketplace to create, sell and distribute music scores as NFTs.

This platform makes life easier for all artists and musicians to mint their music scores as NFTs on a multi-chain platform where you can buy/sell, rent and even get commissions for the music you create. ✨


NFT-backed invoices for businesses, remote workers, everyone that pays or gets paid globally.

This project facilitates the creation of payment receipts as NFTs stored on the blockchain. You can create invoices and get paid straight to your crypto wallet. Upon the completion of payment, the NFT receipts are generated with NFTPort.


The Linktree for NFTs.

With NFTree, you can view the NFTs owned by any wallet address or ENS you enter and get a shareable link of those NFTs for others to see. They use NFTPort’s APIs to get a wallet’s NFTs along with their floor and average prices via Rarible and Opensea.

The list doesn’t end here. See below more projects that used NFTPort’s APIs to build their winning NFT applications:

Feel inspired? We sure do.

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