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Enabling Nifty Gateway to become an NFT aggregator

Enabling Nifty Gateway to become an NFT aggregator

CEO and co-founder of NFTPort

Here’s the story of how we enabled Nifty Gateway — one of the world leading NFT marketplaces — to become an NFT aggregator and significantly increase their revenue by providing their users access to NFT listings from across the Web3 ecosystem.

Need for a Highly Robust, Reliable and Performant NFT Infrastructure

In late 2021 Nifty Gateway announced that they have become an NFT aggregator. As is common for most NFT marketplaces like KnownOrigin, Foundation or SuperRare, they used to sell NFTs that were only minted on their platform and did not trade with assets created on other platforms such as OpenSea or Rarible.

To achieve this goal, Nifty Gateway required reliable access to quality and up-to-date NFT data from Ethereum, including all NFTs, their metadata, cached assets etc.

Duncan Cock Foster, Co-Founder of Nifty Gateway, explained their requirements:

We need to build infrastructure that is extremely robust, highly performant and very reliable. We also need to build it as quickly as we possibly can. Working with high quality vendors like NFTPort has allowed us to focus on building core parts and outsource the non-core parts.

Selecting NFTPort as the Gateway to NFTs

With NFTPort’s Multi-Chain NFT Data endpoints, marketplaces and other applications can access all the necessary NFT data through simple REST APIs — be it transactional data, ownership information, standardised metadata or cached asset files.

We take care of the complex and constantly changing NFT data infrastructure, so developers and teams can focus on building their core product and providing value to their customers.

Duncan describes how they ended up choosing NFTPort:

I originally saw NFTPort in a Tweet describing the best NFT infrastructure. I quickly set up a script and hammered the API with requests to try and figure out if I could break or overwhelm it. I was very impressed by how well it held up, and was also impressed by the documentation.

“Lots of growth! Being an aggregator is awesome!”

👆 This is how Duncan summarizes the outcome of our partnership. By becoming an NFT aggregator, Nifty Gateway is now successfully providing users easy access to selected external NFT collections (see, for example, listings for HashMasks or BoredApeYachtClub).

In addition to increased revenues, Nifty Gateway sped up its go-to-market considerably and saved up on development and maintenance resources: building reliable NFT data live indexing for Ethereum takes from 6 to 12 months, followed by costs required to keep the service up to date and running.

BoredApeYachtClub listed on Nifty Gateway

We are excited to continue our partnership with Nifty Gateway to enable them to expand their marketplace functionalities significantly faster than their competition, to save up on time and resources, to increase their customer base and revenue, and to enable their users permissionless access to the whole Web3 ecosystem.

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