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Meet Pablo — The founder of MyNFTAlerts — track your entire NFT portfolio on one single dashboard

Meet Pablo — The founder of MyNFTAlerts — track your entire NFT portfolio on one single dashboard

CEO and co-founder of NFTPort

At NFTPort, we’re all about empowering developers in our community to succeed in building the next generation of NFT products. With that, nothing excites us more than sharing the stories of the creative developers behind these amazing products.

Meet Pablo. Originally hailing from Mexico, Pablo has a background in engineering and is currently leading business and operations at early-stage startups. Since obtaining his first NFT in November 2021, Pablo found himself lost and exhausted from refreshing OpenSea every 5 minutes checking the prices of his NFTs… So, he built a platform called MyNFTAlerts to help NFT investors stay on top of their new assets. With this one-stop-shop solution, NFT holders can track, trade and set personalized floor price alerts for their NFTs.

Pablo was kind enough to share with us his experience of how he dived into the NFT space last year and created an innovative solution 👇

It started when I bought my first NFTs back in November 2021.

I remember jumping on OpenSea multiple times a day to check the floor price of all the collections I owned, which was exhausting! One day I was looking at the application I use to track my investments in public companies in NASDAQ, NYSE etc…. And that is when it clicked 💡

I decided to create an app on, a no-code platform that helps you build applications, to help users like me to stay on top of their NFT portfolio.

The app addresses the main pain points of all NFT holders

The main goal is to help users better understand what’s happening around their NFT investments and in the NFT space overall. What are the investments that other people are making? What are the price actions around my NFTs and Collections? How do I get into a new NFT project at the right time?

The app currently supports everything on OpenSea and offers different features to track, trade, create a watchlist and even set your own personalized floor price and gas price alerts, all on one single dashboard!

A deep dive into the platform

There are currently four types of watchlists on our main dashboard:

  1. Collections Watchlist:
    Set floor price alerts to a specific ETH price or % changes
    Set Volume alerts to specific ETH volume or % changes
  2. Wallet Watchlist:
    Follow our curated list of Whales, Influencers and Celebrities in the NFT space. Get notified when they buy, sell, and make bids or offers on different NFTs.
    Follow your own added wallets. Add any wallets you would like to follow.
  3. NFT Watchlist:
    Add any NFTs on OpenSea you would like to track. You can get notified of any offers being made, bids or also if it’s sold and to whom it was sold and at what price.
  4. Gas price alerts:
    Set your Gas price alerts to get notified when gas prices are down so you can complete your transactions and save $$
  5. The NFT Dashboard:
    This is the best feature for our community members to see all the alerts triggered based on their preferences in one easy-to-digest feed!

All alerts are made available to our users via SMS and email. So set your custom alerts and forget about refreshing OpenSea every five minutes!

Creating this app wouldn’t be possible without NFTPort

Compared to other services available in the market, I found NFTPort to be the most developed and easy to use platform. The best thing for me was their free API, which made it possible to build this app the way I wanted to. Since the time I joined their community, I’ve always found other members to be helpful and the NFTPort team to be always receptive to my feedback.

I highly recommend NFTPort as by far one of the easiest platforms to use, with a team behind the scenes that are consistently reaching out via email and discord to check in on your project and listen to any feedback you might have about the platform, which is greatly appreciated!

Keep up to date and find out more about MyNFTAlerts here.

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