40+ NFT games developed with NFTPort at the BuildQuest Hackathon

40+ NFT games developed with NFTPort at the BuildQuest Hackathon

CEO and co-founder of NFTPort

We came together with ETHGlobal for the BuildQuest Hackathon to help devs build their first NFT-enabled games and give them the chance to compete for funding from the $100K+ prize pool.

Supporting the event aligns with our goal to make building advanced products and applications with NFTs as easy and accessible as possible for developers. With the rising popularity of pay-to-earn games, BuildQuest allowed us to support innovation in a domain that is being rapidly transformed by Web3.

We also released the Unity3D SDK alpha for the event to further help the teams to get started in minutes to launch their NFT games 🚀

As part of the hackathon, our VP Product Taivo Pungas, gave a webinar to show you how to build your own NFT Game in just a few hours

See below for more information on the amazing NFT games that were built with the help of NFTPort 💪

🎴 Ollie Verse

This well-polished game built in Unity3D, takes card games to the next level with 3D unique cards as NFTs.

Ollie Verse used NFTPort to enable in-game minting of the customised Trading Cards. And there’s no need for the player to leave the game to sign a blockchain transaction! Give it a try 🙃

🎼 Cyber Music Workbbench

This project takes a step ahead by launching audios as NFTs.

Musicians and music lovers around the world will love this app. Using NFTPort’s minting APIs, the platform allows you to create and mint your music as NFTs. You can also collaborate with other artists globally to create and mix different parts of a song and mint these as NFTs as well.

🌎 NF3D

NF3D creates 3D iterations from 2D NFTs for games!

Do you remember other 3D projects built with NFTPort? Seashells | 10b57e6 fa5h10N, for example? 💡

NF3D has scaled that concept further by leveraging AI to identify unique traits of 2D NFTs and then create 3D NFTs. It uses NFTPort APIs to get metadata and train AI models to expand their collection with experimentations of auto-generating 3D from 2D NFTs. Surely an exciting project to keep your eyes on 👀

🗺 GeoNFT

Augmented Reality x Metaverse!

GeoNFT lets creators and brands drop their NFTs in different locations where the player would go to claim their NFT. It uses NFTPort APIs to deploy custom contracts and interact with them to mint NFTs.

🐔 Crypto Chicken Run

A simple game that brings Chicken Run into the world of NFTs.

Ever wanted to save those epic moments in games? Crypto Chicken Run takes that idea and builds on it. It focuses on bringing utility to play-to-earn by providing players with unique NFTs as boosts and in-game perks. The game uses NFTPort’s minting APIs to mint ERC721 NFTs for its players.

🐍 The Collector

Providing people whitelisting for minting and, instead of them grinding on Discord, you take them on a journey full of games and puzzles.

The Collector takes the mechanics of the classic Snake Game and integrates it with NFTs: finding a special food item at each stage mints you a pass that gives access to next steps in the journey. Imagine this mechanic to create a secondary market for passes to special stages in games! The project uses NFTPort’s minting API to mint NFT’s to users from within the game.

And that’s not all 😎 ! Check out the other NFT games and inspiring projects built with our APIs at BuildQuest 🎮

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