NFT projects built with NFTPort at ETHNewYork 2022

NFT projects built with NFTPort at ETHNewYork 2022

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After some exciting news in mid-June, we are off to the races again taking a step forward towards becoming the leading NFT infrastructure. End of June, we partnered with ETH Global for the biggest event of the year ETHNewYork, hosting 1500 hackers from around 50+ countries to bring their NFT ideas to life.

250+ projects competed to win a share of $500K+ available in various prizes at ETHNewYork. With the help of ETHGlobal, We were happy to welcome 37% of hackers who were completely new to the world of Web3 to join us and ideate on the blockchain. 

It’s always amazing to witness the creativity and diversity of the NFT apps built by developers with NFTPort’s infrastructure and APIs: from creating avatars to decentralizing events, apartment renting and fundraising. 


Davatar.io is gravatar for web3

A simple, easy-to-use platform that fetches NFTs by wallet addresses using NFTPort’s API. They’ve created universal URLs that allow any developer to easily access a user’s ENS avatar image just with a wallet address! No more nitty-gritty providers, ethers, or complex APIs!


Apartment Referrals

A DApp that makes the renting process smooth and safe

It connects the lessor and the tenants on the blockchain where they can record the rates, management, registrations etc. It uses NFTPort for minting and awarding NFTs to tenants. This is a win-win situation for tenants and landlords because they don't have to pay transaction fees for the property.


Decentralize Events

How many times have you googled to find the next Web3 event near you?

This DApp is a one-stop-shop for organizing and attending Web3 events! It’ll not only give you access to all the events happening in the future, but also be able to help organizers with issuing tickets as NFTs, and accessing partnerships and sponsorships for different events. Your all-in-one event buddy to help you navigate, find the next best event to attend and even provide options to arrange your housing. Check it out!



A decentralized Gofundme or Kickstarter platform where you can support any cause you want with ease: connect your MetaMask and make a donation in any of your favourite crypto tokens.

This is one of the most exciting projects to come out of this hackathon, go ahead and give it a try! Create your fundraiser page with no fee and share it with your friends!


Blockhead: ETHNewYork 2022

Blockhead is a super interface connecting all blockchains, Defi and Web3 protocols. You can view your entire crypto portfolio, check out different NFTs, and pull in data from different explores and protocols.


All the projects built on ETHNewYork were focused on bringing actual utility to the real world. But, that’s not all 😎 Check out the other NFT DApps and inspiring projects built with our APIs at ETHNY below:


Crypto Bodyguard

A DApp that ensures your safety at all times! As the name suggests, you can hire a bodyguard through this platform and pay them with Crypto.


IL (Interactive Live) Art

This platform is built on the Interactive Live Art performance concept where the artist and the participants generate NFTs!

Remember the times you had group art projects? This DApp lets you create art in the metaverse and generate your NFTs together with other participants. Check it out!



Pool Party NFT brings mass liquidity to the Metaverse. It enables liquidity (USDC loans) for Metaverse Land NFTs at a set interest rate through price prediction and risk assessment.

Inspired by Compound and Aave, PoolParty aims to solve the liquidity problem in the NFT lending space. With this platform, you can now take large-scale loans against bundles of NFTs as collateral. 



A platform for Fractional NFT rewards Streaming and Trading

This project uses NFTPort to mint an NFT contract, and mint all the new collectables in the artist’s collection that can be streamed to users for rewards. 

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