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A product designer landed a career-changing opportunity in Web3 with NFTPort

A product designer landed a career-changing opportunity in Web3 with NFTPort

CEO and co-founder of NFTPort

NFTPort is all about empowering developers in our community to succeed in building the next generation of NFT products. We are excited to share the inspirational stories of the creative devs who we have enabled and positively impacted.

We start off with Yordani. He is a US-based product designer with a musical background from Berklee College of Music. His time at Berklee gave him a life-changing opportunity to work on his first product idea at a hackathon, creating a solution to help music artists find ways to monetize music in the blockchain ecosystem. Four years later, he wants to dive into the Web3 world and create disruptive apps — such as Seenly — with NFTPort. He is also building M3TASTUDIO, a web3 product studio, where he aims to design web3 experiences for the 99%.

Learn more about Yordani and his experience with NFTPort’s infrastructure and APIs, in his own words, below. 👇

I want to create products that have social and economic utility

My experience at Berklee and the 5-month UX/UI Design boot camp at Thinkful gave me a chance to work on various projects such as building an SMS bot for a music artist to drop songs via SMS. Such experiences have helped me understand the importance of creating products that add value to the market. I use the same approach to build new products in the Web3 space as well.

Building my first Web3 app with NFTPort APIs

I’ve been watching the NFT space and following new NFT products for quite some time already. While doing my research, I found NFTPort on Product Hunt and I started going through their documentation, which is very well written compared to other products in the market. I started digging more about the team and the product to understand how I could use it for my app. Since I’m fairly new to tech development, I heavily rely on the documentation to see if the product fits my needs. In the case of NFTPort, I wanted to see how I could use it to retrieve NFT data, make API calls etc. The clarity in their documentation is one of the main reasons why I chose NFTPort to help me bring my idea to life.

And, that’s how Seenly was born!

Seenly is a site where the NFT curious can upload a screenshot of any NFT they think looks cool, and they’ll get a list of NFTs with similar visual traits to their screenshot.

My mission with Seenly is to give the NFT curious a starting point to explore NFTs they’re curious about.

All you need to do is go to OpenSea, take a screenshot of the NFT you like and upload it to Seenly :camera:

You don’t need to be a full stack developer to start in Web3

People who’re starting off in the Web3 space think they need to have a required skill-set. I want to set an example and let them know that you don’t need to learn how to code to create an app. If you can’t code, you can use tools like Bubble. If you don’t know how to mint NFTs, retrieve NFT data, create NFT apps, make NFT API pulls, you can use NFTPort. The best part about such platforms is that they’re accessible everywhere!

So, if you have an idea, just put it out there! Ask questions, join communities on Discord and learn.

Following curiosity is what created Seenly! And for me, Seenly opened many doors. It caught the attention of a music artist who gave me a massive opportunity to work on a stealth Web3 project for a major pop artist, the project is ongoing at the moment. Stay tuned for more details!

You can find out more about Yordani’s first project here.

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