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Supercharge your NFTs with all-in-one NFT utilities platform Tropee

Supercharge your NFTs with all-in-one NFT utilities platform Tropee

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At NFTPort, we’re all about empowering developers in our community to succeed in building the next generation of NFT products. With that, nothing excites us more than sharing the stories of the creative developers behind these amazing products.

Today we’re excited to share another success story of a no-code platform built on NFTPort to create, launch, and manage NFT utilities – meet Tropee. A young, ambitious team working on a simple yet ambitious: to create the first post-mint platform.

Francois and Patrick, two Tropeers share their success story below👇

The idea of creating an 'utility-as-a-service' platform

We're a team of problem-solvers, so naturally, when we started looking into NFTs and utilities, we were shocked to see that creating, launching and managing NFT utilities was still a very painful and super manual process for creators, and also a terrible experience in terms of process and UX for holders.

We've seen some NFT creators using tools like Google Forms to ask for personal information so they could give access to some holders of specific utilities. Crazy right? So we decided to create the first utility-as-a-service platform.

Tropee is a no-code platform used by NFT creators to create, launch, and manage NFT utilities, at scale. On top of that, we provide a secure experience for their holders with great UX.

It's a win-win situation, creators take minutes instead of hours to create utilities, and also provide a great experience to their holders. Everybody is happy here :)


Transforming a simple NFT collection into a highly successful NFT collection

Our end goal is to help NFT creators create more value for their holders, which will also have an impact on the attractiveness of their collection.

Right now, creators need to consider their collections like a brand, and keep delivering value over time through utilities to keep their holders happy and stay attractive for other potential investors.

We strongly believe that a great post-mint strategy is what will transform a simple NFT collection into a highly successful NFT collection.

You can also read more about NFT utility and how to create a good utility strategy for your next NFT collection on our blog

The role of NFTPort in the journey of building Tropee

We found NFTPort after doing research in the space. There are now several services in the space that offer NFT indexing capability, but NFTPort went the extra mile in delivering the metadata that we needed. Their documentation was great, and our developers were able to get up and running nice and quickly.

We needed access to NFT metadata such as media, attributes, creation dates and more, to be able to deliver a  class segmentation experience of NFTs like what you might see in Klayviyo or Mailchimp.

To do that, we needed a service that would not only give us this information, but deliver the data we need with great performance, scalability, and accuracy.

To anyone starting off, I would say #1 is to not try and master everything. NFTs and the crypto space is a very large, complex space which is about as fast-moving as you get in tech today. Pick what interests you, what gets you up in the morning, and the rest will come naturally.

And, if you are looking for a reliable service to pull your NFT metadata from, then NFTPort has been a great decision for us, and probably you too.

Head over to Tropee to add utility to your next NFT collection!

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NFTPort is the Stripe for NFTs: one-stop, simple NFT Infrastructure and APIs for developers to bring NFT applications to market in hours instead of months. NFTPort takes care of the infrastructure so that developers can focus on building their applications. NFTPort provides APIs for multi-chain NFT data and easy NFT minting, together with enhanced functionalities for search, recommendations and detecting NFT counterfeits.

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